High-Variance Slots

Do You Want to Quadruple What You Have in Your Bankroll With Just a Few Spins at the Slot Machine?

Slot Machines With a High Variance Can Offer the Exhilarating Anticipation of Incredible Payouts With Just a Few Spins of the Reels.

Slot variance, also known as slot volatility, can be thought of as the game's inherent level of danger. This information is used by both players and software providers to determine the risk-to-reward ratio of a given game.

Is it possible to amass a fortune by playing high-volatility slot games, or will you find that your bankroll is quickly depleted instead? Playing slots with a higher variance requires a completely different strategy than playing slots with a lower variance; in fact, the two approaches are almost diametrically opposed to one another. In order to provide an answer to that question, we will be looking closely at real money slots that have a high variance.


Slot machines with a high variance have smaller but more frequent chances to win than those with a low volatility. When playing a slot game with a high level of volatility, it's possible that you won't hit a decent payout for a considerable amount of time despite making a lot of spins.

Evidently, a lower number of wins will typically result in larger payouts as a means of making up for the shortfall and achieving the machine's return-to-player rate. In most cases, these wins are triggered either by matching symbols with high point values or by activating one of the bonus features that the game offers.

The possibility of winning enormous sums of money makes high-variance slot machines appealing, but playing them can quickly deplete your bankroll if you're not careful. When you play high-variance games, you need a significant starting bankroll if you want any chance of winning a massive return or one of the progressive jackpots. This is especially true if you want to win one of these prizes.

Players and slot machine manufacturers have been talking about the variance of games for many years, but in the world of online slots, the topic has taken on a greater level of significance. The performance of a slot machine can be determined by players by looking at its volatility, also known as its variance. Players particularly enjoy playing slots with a high variance. Gamers can better manage their bankrolls, for instance, if they are familiar with the high-variance online slots that are available.


Remember that there are three distinct tiers of slot machine volatility: low, medium, and high. The following is a summary of the primary distinctions that exist between low, medium, and high variance slot machines. After reading this, you should have a better understanding of how to choose the type of slot machine that is most suitable for you.


The slots with a low variance are the exact opposite of those with a high variance. Slot games with a low variance have frequent winning combinations, but the payouts are significantly lower when compared to those of slot games with a high variance.

Slot players just starting out should focus their attention on games with low variance. You can learn more about these slot machines by going to our page dedicated to low variance slot machines.


You have most likely figured out by this point that games with medium variance fall somewhere in the middle of those with low and high variance. The payouts from these slot machines are primarily small to medium-sized, with some more substantial prizes thrown in here and there.

Slot machines with medium variance give players the chance to win a respectable number of times without requiring them to wager an excessive amount of their bankroll. However, for those players who are willing to take greater risks in the hopes of achieving greater rewards, this is frequently not enough.


The above online slot games each offer their own unique set of thrills and excitement for players to experience. We have arranged them in descending order, starting with the slots that have high variance and the highest RTP first – after all, slots are all about the big wins! In order to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, in addition to providing you with a list of the top slot sites where you can play high payout and high variance slot games, we have also included a brief review of each of the 10 high variance slots.

The opposite end of the spectrum is where you'll find high variance slot machines. You'll need to play these machines for a while before you hit a win, but when you do, the amount of money you win is likely to be substantial. These slot machines have a reputation for drawing in high-stakes players and players who prefer to make substantial deposits.

Because of the high variance that almost all Megaways slots have, we have included several of these slot types on our list of the top 10 slot machines with the highest level of volatility. Please keep in mind that high variance does not necessarily equate to high return to player rates.

Return to player is what "RTP" stands for. Slot machines with a high return to player percentage and a high variance are much better for your bank roll in the long run. The return to player percentage (RTP) of a high variance video slot may be exactly the same as the RTP of a low variance slot, despite the fact that high variance slots are often thought of as being riskier for your bankroll.

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