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It's been 22 years since the game Slingo first came out. The return of an iconic game from the past has been a recent development in the gaming industry. The first version of Slingo, a slot machine and bingo mashup game, didn't appear on the market until 1995.

As a result of Gaming Realms' $18 million purchase of Slingo back in July of 2015, we were contracted by them to completely reimagine their brandworld in anticipation of the start of a new era in online gaming.

There have been many offshoots from Slingo, both in the realm of gambling for real money and in the realm of social gaming, since it was first released online. Both of these types of offshoots are to be found. On AOL before moving to MSN Zone, Slingo was first released as a casual game for the general public.

As Slingo celebrates its twentieth birthday, it has amused an incredible 55 million people around the world. It's been adapted for use on dozens of casual and real money gaming platforms, published on millions of instant win lottery tickets, and featured on slot machines in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos throughout the floors.

It doesn't matter where players prefer to play Slingo because of the game's long and illustrious history spanning CD-ROMs, Facebook social games, and now mobile platforms. As a result, Slingo is one of the most popular games on smartphones and tablets today. Slingo real money mobile game versions have been a huge hit for Gaming Realms since 2015. Spin Genie and Pocket Fruity, two of the most popular mobile gaming apps in the United Kingdom, have topped the charts for the most popular slot machine variations in the country.

It is a simple and enjoyable game that provides instant gratification, which is lacking in many more complex games. Re-professionalizing and creating a new visual identity for "instant and easy fun" was the brainchild of someone who came up with the idea. This new brand identity could be applied to any medium.


A Slingo Bingo Primer for Newcomers


Slingo games are available in an online setting that combines many aspects of the well-known 75-ball bingo game with some features found in traditional slot machines. Slingo games allow players to win real money. The primary gaming environment consists of a 5 by 5 grid of numbers, with the slot reels for the game located immediately below. Because playing Slingo online is very similar to playing traditional bingo, the interface of the game screen is designed to look very similar to the layout of a bingo game card. Each slot machine reel in the row will always have one space visible to the player, and this space will always be visible at the bottom of the screen.

When Slingo first became available to the public, it was only in a fun, free-to-play trial version. However, due to the game's recent popularity, slingo games can now be played online for real money stakes, just like the majority of other slot games. Slingo has established itself as an exciting game, owing to the fact that it provides an engaging gameplay environment that has proven to be appealing to fans of both bingo and slot games.

The game's unique selling point is that it is fun no matter how you look at it, so a new strategy was devised to capitalize on ticker tape's universal appeal.


Does Slingo have the necessary licenses to provide online gambling?


Slingo, in fact, has two licenses to operate an online gambling business. These licenses are issued by the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom and the Maltese Gaming Authority.


When did they first start doing business?


Slingo was founded in 2013, and their rapid ascension to the top of the iGaming industry has resulted in tremendous growth since then.


Have they received any trophies?


A couple, yes. In 2018, they received an award at the "Which Bingo Awards," as well as an award for "Innovation of the Year" for their Slingo Rainbow Riches game.


What distinguishes their games from others in the industry?


Slingo games are based on an extremely novel concept that allows you, the player, to influence the outcome of a game round. This gives you some control over how the game progresses. While the games continue to use a random number generator and the return to player percentage (RTP) remains constant, you are given the opportunity to make choices during gameplay that may affect what happens next. It is an extremely original idea, and it is one of the reasons why they have been so successful as a company. It reminds me of the video game Candy Crush!


What are some of the most popular Slingo games to play?

Slingo has strategic alliances with some of the world's most well-known and successful game developers. As a result, the company can include a wide range of extremely well-known themes and brands in its games. Among the most popular Slingo variations are Slingo Berserk, Slingo Centurion Maximus Winnus, Slingo Rainbow Riches, and Monopoly Slingo.